Our Team

The current members of the Garg Lab

Salil Garg
Principal Investigator
Education: MD PhD Harvard Medical School

Salil hails from Ohio and completed his B.S./M.S. at the University of Chicago. From there he completed doctoral work in immunobiology with Michael Brenner at Harvard Medical School before pursuing residency training in Pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital and postdoctoral training with MIT faculty member Phillip Sharp. When he is not chasing difficult questions in the lab he engages in the even more difficult task of cheering for his hometown Cincinnati sports teams.

Jyotsna Kumar
Associate Research Scientist
Education: PhD Epigenetics, Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh

Jyotsna is from India, where she worked on RNA/DNA interactions with chromatin in S. pombe. She later worked at the NIH on polyglutamine aggregates and University of Connecticut on RNA post-translational modifications.  Currently, Jyotsna is exploring underlying mechanisms of non-genetic heterogeneity and locus memory using functional genomics. In her free time, she loves to learn new skills and admire the beauty of nature.

Enrico Moiso
Postdoctoral Associate
Education: PhD Molecular Medicine, University of Turin

Enrico is from Italy, where he worked at the Molecular Biotechnology Center in Turin with Prof. Guido Tarone and Prof. Paolo Provero for his PhD. In the Garg lab, Enrico is focusing on the application of computational and statistical methods to build better cancer diagnostics using machine learning approaches. In his free time, Enrico loves to swim, cook and - weather permitting - snowboard, climb, hike, golf and sail.

Rodrigo Dalvit
Postdoctoral Associate
Education: PhD Biomedical Engineering, Western Ontario

Rodrigo is from Brazil, where he studied control and automation engineering and teleinformatics engineering at the University of Fortaleza. He moved to Canada where he pursued his PhD and later did a postdoc at the University of Manitoba developing a unique 3D centertline image extraction algorithm. In the Garg lab, Rodrigo's interests are in image processing, feature extraction (orthogonal moments, PCA, ICA), machine learning, biomechanics, and genomics.  Rodrigo also enjoys home remodeling as an avid do-it-yourselfer.

Nabiha Khan
Yale Undergraduate, pre-health

Nabiha is from West Haven, Connecticut. She is on the pre-health track, interested in oncology and patient advocacy. Nabiha is actively involved with the Muslim Student Organization and Community Health Educators. In the Garg lab, Nabhia is studying how enhancers for specific genes driving developmental transitions affect different cell states, leading to phenotypic resistance to cancer therapies. In her free time, she loves reading, exploring New Haven, and volunteering.

Lynette X Chan
MIT Undergraduate Course 10-B

Lynette grew up in Orange County, California, and is interested in studying transcription factor binding kinetics in the context of cellular differentiation.  She is also intrigued by the development of rational design techniques in protein engineering.  Lynette chooses to strategically invest her ever-waning free time into playing Genshin Impact and watching Korean cooking vlogs.

Mary Gatison
Sr. Administrative Assistant

Mary is a devoted supporter of research labs at Yale University, with over 15 years experience at the institution and over 34 years experience in the medical field. Mary is passionate about helping others and enjoys the ever-changing nature of her role. Outside of work, Mary treasures time spent with family and friends, and has a love for games, cooking, music, movies, and travel.

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